container gardens
Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Accent and Screening

   Gloriosa. A tuberous-rooted tender vine, with red and yellow lily-like flowers. Hardy in the South, plants are treated as pot subjects only in the North. For this, start tubers in large pots in March or April and bring to a sunny spot outdoors when freezing weather has passed. Provide trellis support, water regularly, and feed with liquid fertilizer when plants are half grown. Store bulbs in their own pots in a frostproof place and start them again the following spring.

   Passion Vine. Odd and beautiful flowers on quick-growing plants that need rich soil and large containers. In the North, this is often treated as an annual, but plants may be kept in a cool room during winter, where they will continue to bloom. The fragrant flowers close at night, but will remain open if melted wax is dripped on the inside. After treatment, flowers make fine corsages or can be floated in bowls of water.