container gardens
Designing A Container Garden

Full sun to partial shade

Full sun to partial shade

Partial shade to shade

Full sun

Leaf lettuces Chives Impatiens Verbena
Begonias Mints Asparagus fern Gomphrena
Red fountain grass Geraniums Coleus Zinnia
Sweet potato vine Sage    

Recommneded vegetable container sizes: Beans 3-5 gal.
Beets 2-3 gal.
Broccoli 1 plant per 5 gal.
Cabbage 1 plant per 5 gal.
Carrots 3 gal. (12 in. deep)
Swiss chard 3 gal.
Cucumbers 3-5 gal.
Eggplant 5 gal.
Kale, turnip, or mustard greens 3-5 gal.
Lettuce/salad greens 1-3 gal.
Onions, green 1-3 gal.
Pepper 3-5 gal.
Radishes 1 gal.
Squash 5 gal.
Tomatoes 5 gal. Tomatoes, cherry 5 gal.