container gardens
Plant Containers
So, you have decided to try container gardening. Now, what plant containers to put it in? Luckily, the range of containers is limited only by your imagination, and not all of your options are expensive.

First, you need to decide on the look you want to create. Do you want a manicured look, or do you want a rustic look? Will you add decorations or will you decorate the containers, or neither?

To help simplify your selection process, we've included the following table about plant containers:





Ceramic High Pretty Breakable, expensive, poor drainage unless it has drain holes, heavy
Terra cotta or Clay Medium Pretty, good drainage Breakable, heavy
Plastic Low Price, Some are made to look like terra cotta, so they can be pretty too, lightweight Poor drainage unless they have drain holes
Metal Medium-Low Price, lightweight (generally, thin tin is used) Rust easily unless lined, poor drainage unless they have drain holes
Wood Medium-Low Price, good drainage, aesthetics, purchase or build your own to get the exact look you want. If building your own, a search on the internet should result in several matches. Also, check your local hardware store for plans. Heavy, will rot unless lined
Hanging baskets Medium-High If you purchase the baskets and fill them with your own plant selections, the cost is much lower. Aesthetics Can be expensive if you choose those that are already filled with plants, need frequent watering.