container gardens
Plant Containers
Go ahead and get creative with your plant containers. Take a look in your kitchen cabinets to see if there are some unique looking objects you no longer want that could be turned into a plant container. You can even mix up the container styles for an eclectic look.

No matter the containers you choose, it's important that they have proper drainage to avoid mold, rotting, or drowning of your plants. If your containers don't come with drain holes, simply drill several small holes in the bottom. The holes should be small enough to keep the soil in and let the water out.

Small containers dry out sooner. So, we recommend a minimum of fifteen quart capacity containers. These can easilly be maintained with basic garden tools. However, if you don't mind watering more frequently, go ahead and use smaller ones. You'll also want to keep in mind how much room your plant(s) will need to mature.

Essentially, anything goes - it's all up to personal preference. So, roll up your sleeves, grab some containers and get your garden growing!

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